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Travel and Tourism Seminars, London
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Welcome to our Travel and Tourism seminars London.

In particular you will benefit from our partnership with the prestigious Travel Technology Initiative in London (TTI). As such you will stay up to date in travel technology developments and todays marketing challenges.

TTI holds twice yearly conferences that tackle the important topics of the day. It also holds forums and partner events that provide a platform for discussion and debate on hot topics. As well as being informative and educational, these events are great networking opportunities, bringing together travel industry executives and technologists in a convivial, friendly atmosphere.

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TTI Autumn Forum, London, Thursday 19 September 2019


Digital Travel 4.0 –  Autumn Conference at our new conference venue, Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum. More details soon.

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TTI Summer Forum , London, Thursday 13 June 2019

Learn about tips and tricks to engage your customer

London is always a good reason for travel. Even more if you could combine that with a good travel and tourism seminar to brush up your business skills. Read the keypoints:

It is a well known marketing fact that it can cost many times more to win a new customer rather than keep an existing customer.  Yet, in today’s digital world customers have become increasingly fickle and disloyal. Moreover, the entire online environment tends to be impersonal and does not naturally lend itself to building close one to one relationships.

In fact, opportunities for meaningful customer engagement in the digital world are many. From the first time a potential customer hits your website through the many years of a customer’s entire life cycle. There are ongoing potential touchpoints. If you manage those well you could strengthen the bonds between your customers and your brand.

As an answer personalise your website content, provide engaging social media, send relevant email communications, request customer feedback. Just to name some examples.

It is time for Hands-On with Customer Engagement

TTI’s Summer Forum, aims to cover some of the practicalities and methodologies. As a result of the seminar you could use them to build better relationships with your customers. Keeping them engaged with your business rather than your competitors’.

TTI has lined up a team of expert speakers who, from their own hard won experience, will tell you about the customer engagement techniques that they know from really work.

You are interested in better engaging with your customers? Hence, the TTI’s Summer Forum is a must attend event. Come along and learn how to be Hands-On with Customer Engagement.


  • John Lee, Co Founder, Culturemee
  • Katy Howell, CEO, Immediate Future
  • Paul Stephen, CEO, Sagittarius


  • TTI members – 2 free delegates
    (Additional TTI member delegates and Unicorn licence holders £25 + VAT)
  • Tracommy members £55 + VAT
  • Others £95 + VAT
  • Apply for a “wild card” – free pass – using our contact form


Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum Cromwell Road, London   SW7 4DN
nearest underground: Gloucester Road

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