Travel advisories – official travel warnings global

Travel warnings for the today's global traveller

Travel advisories - official travel warnings global
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Official travel warnings and travel advisories

Our official travel warnings global:
often travel advisers have to consider travel advisories and official travel warnings global when it comes to sell travel. Our customers rely on our carefully selceted sources. So it is good to have some quick links and tools at hand.

Sometimes media are displaying kind of informations not reflecting the reality. In particular about the coverage of a critical situation on the spot.

With the choice of our travel warnings and travel advisories global you might get a better overview.

Check more than one source in travel warnings and travel advisories

We suggest to consider more than one source to get a close picture of a certain travel destination. However, in very specific cases, you might also drop us a line to service (at) We might be able to obtain first hand informations about the respective place in question.

So, apart from the official governmental travel warning sites we like to recommend you in our travel warnings global the service of “global-” from Germany. Global monitoring has an eye also on niche places and regions and displays informations used also by well established touristic companies.

Go to Global Monitoring / twitter service

Governmental travel warning sites (selection):

USA Travel.State.Gov

UK GOV.UK Travel     

Gov. Canada Travel    

Gov. Singapore Travel

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information

Travel warnings global updates on Covid-19. For general informations about personal security measures and updates about the virus outspread: website of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

Corona Virus Travel Advisory

World Health Organization Travel Advisories

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Situation dashboard

This interactive dashboard/map provides the latest global numbers and numbers by country of COVID-19 cases on a daily basis.

Get some good tips and advise on how to protect your mental strength in stressful corona times!