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Twitter Tip: Make use of Twitter Moments!

Since October 2016 the “Twitter Moments” application is available. What is that? We also did not pay attention to this new feature following the daily routine and “tweet business”. But stop, yes, “Twitter Moments” could be really a good feature to help you to get more attention in “Twitterland”.
“Twitter Moments” are curated tweets of your own or others around a particular theme you can use and create by yourself to enhance your Twitter Marketing.
Going trough a blog post that we received by SocialQuant we are quite convinced to test that and the same we recommend to you. Who comes out first? Well, get the details of how to set up the action.

A message to our fellow Destination Management Organisations 

You may still remember the “good old” times in tourism when tour operators sold holidays, the tourists travelled to the destinations and the destination management organisations (DMOs or DMCs) took care of the rest of the trip up from and back to the airport.?

What went wrong and what could be a good answer to survive as a DMO?

Well, we certainly are recommending to join TRACOMMY where you may find new business partners and could develop concepts to “fight back” with the help of our experts of the advisory board.

We could also recommend to start outbound travel in order to balance your loss in inbound.Which might not be a suitable workaround in every destination.

However, to get first ideas in order to check your business scenario and to eventually re-think your business policies before it might be to late, read the interesting blog article by Paul Richer, Senior Partner at The good news is: there are ways out!

Expand your visibility in the internet by our “tourism radar” !

Check out if you are regularly mentioned with your twitter tweets in our tourism radar news service. Edited daily. There might be two reasons why you don’t find yourself in our¬† First, you might not post regularly on twitter and as such you need to post more in order to achieve more relevance by serach engines or second, we simply did overlook to integrate your account. Anyhow, just drop us a line if you can’t find any of your twitter postings in tourism radar: service (at) Or use our contact form.

Google started to display autoplay videos in organic search results !

These video previews should serve to indicate to a user if a click is worth or not. On mobile devices if they are connected to a WiFi network. Let’s see how the user acceptance develops.

New tool to promote your group arrangement ! 

UK based start-up Tripsi offer the easiest way to find, plan and promote group trip. Possibly this might be a way to fill up existing group land arrangements with fixed dates.
Available up from September this year. Check it out!

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