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Hot invitation from UNWTO Silk Road  (ed 28.3.17)

UNWTOs 1st International Western Silk Road workshop takes place in Alexandroupolis, Greece 26-27 April 2017. If you have time, like to meet interesting people and extend your activities as tour operator or for your group business then contact us: service (at) to register under tracommy. Read more about the UNWTO Silk Road Programme.

Mayor success in networking and business achieved (ed 30.3.17)

Being part of our network pays off:
Tracommy took over the management of a major incentive group with origin from the caribbean and central america to Berlin. The organisation of the ground programme was given to a partner agency. Turnover in sales: more then 200K Euro.

A message to our fellow Destination Management Organisations (ed 9.4.17)

You still remember the “good old” times in tourism when tour operators sold holidays, the tourists travelled to the destinations and the destination management organisations (DMOs or DMCs) took care of the rest of the trip up from and back to the airport?

What went wrong and what could be a good answer to survive as a DMO?

Well, we certainly are recommending to join TRACOMMY where you may find new business partners and could develop concepts to “fight back” with the help of our experts of the advisory board.

We could also recommend to start outbound travel in order to balance your loss in inbound.
Which might not be a suitable workaround in every destination.

However, to get first ideas in order to check your business scenario and to eventually re-think your business policies before it might be to late, read the interesting blog article by Paul Richer, Senior Partner at The good news is: there are ways out!

How travel bloggers of our network could benefit from a membership

We were asked on Twitter if we could recommend travel bloggers to promote a developing
touristic region in Eastern Germany. Which we could and established the respective contacts via our network in Germany.

You are not yet part of our “tourism radar” ?

There might be two reasons why you don’t find yourself in our tourism radar news which are edited daily. First, you might not post regularly on twitter and as such you need to post more in order to achieve more relevance by serach engines or second, we simply did overlook to integrate your account. Anyhow, just drop us a line if you can’t find any of your twitter postings in tourism radar: service (at) Or use our contact form.

6th UNWTO Int. Conference on Tourism Statistics (ed.19.5.2017)

Save the date and come to Manila to join this conference and meet interesting people of the travel and tourism industry from 21-24 June 2017.
Contact us: service (at) to register under tracommy.
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