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Top Webinars Trave & Tourism
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We are pleased to present you our staff picked top webinars in travel and tourism. Our Webinars in Travel & Tourism are one of the best ways how you could learn online. Especially in travel and tourism. As a result you decide when and where to watch. You could use your PC or a mobile device. Hence, whenever your time allows, you could update your knowledge. Find our assorted webinars below.

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Strategies for Survival and Beyond
Thursday 18 June 2020 – 10am to 1pm (Timezone = UTC)
Presented by the Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) London

Covid-19 and its associated lockdown has had a devastating effect on the entire travel industry, with our customers unable to or simply not willing to travel. The industry is fighting for survival. We are all hoping to reach better times when we can commence along the road to recovery. How soon the recovery will arrive and how early we will be able to get back to normality are unknowns. For now, we have been putting business survival strategies in place but we also need to start planning for when we can move beyond the current crisis.

For TTI’s Summer Forum, we have assembled a team of experts across a variety of different disciplines. The aim is to provide you with some guidance and inspiration that can contribute to business survival and help you look beyond the current period to how you might start ramping up your business as better times begin to beckon.

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Webinars Travel and Tourism

Flip the Switch: Marketing budgets during the pandemic

This Webinar we took from “Bright Talk” .
Speakers: Paul Gilhooly (BrightTALK), Chris Bagnall (Transmission), Kirsten Cox (VMware), Jess Bahr (NS1)

The uncertainty of our changing landscape has created a ripple effect of challenges B2B marketers have never seen before. The impact of the pandemic has forced businesses to replan budgets, slow down on purchasing decisions, cancel product subscriptions and optimize platforms and tools that continue to provide solutions and value during these unprecedented times.

In response, marketing departments are having to evolve and operate in new ways and this Talk will provide insight to how senior marketers are adapting and managing budgets to ensure their brand, messaging and go-to-market strategy still delivers for their business.

Topics will include:
  • Pre and during COVID-19 – How priorities/strategies been impacted and/or changed.
  • How targets and expectations have shifted
  • What opportunities exist during these times
  • SoV>SoM and what past recessions have taught us
  • The impact on messaging and tactics
  • Post COVID-19 predictions on how the buyer and B2B landscape will change going forward

Duration approx 60 min. Registration required.

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The future of loyalty in tourism: What are we learning from the COVID-19 crisis?

This Webinar we took from “Bright Talk” .
Speakers: Paul Richer (Genesys) , Petya Milkova (Wirecard), Kelly Cookes (Advantage Travel Partnership) and Maksim Izmaylov (Winding Tree)

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain unknown, we must plan for the recovery and share experiences, cross-segment, throughout the travel industry. In the meantime we adapt to new organisational and cultural realities and leverage technologies that help us to foster and maintain customer loyalty.
Topics will include the following aspects in particular in view of how the application of available technologies can drive passenger movement more quickly when it returns post-Covid.

  • Loyalty
  • Payments credits & refunds
  • Cyber-security and distribution

Duration approx. 60 Min / Registration required.

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Brand Building and Social Communication in a Time of Crisis

This is an interesting Webinar prepared and performed by Nick Martin and James Mulvey at “Hootsuite”. “Hootsuite” is a social media platform which we are using at Tracommy.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work, shop, and connect. So what’s next? How should you move forward when there’s no precedent or map to guide you?

Join the both experts in this replay, showing how to continue building your brand and proving the value of social marketing in less-than-perfect circumstances. You will learn:

  • How to adjust with your social strategy and tactics in the coming months.
  • Practical tips for running social ads and dealing with hostile customers.
  • New ways to prove value to leadership during these challenging economic times.

Duration approx. 30 Min. / Registration required

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The New Marketing Playbook in the New Normal

Presented by World Travel Market. Hear about the latest Marketing trends from the first ever global conversation. Learn from “Beautiful Destinations” a digital tourism think tank. Based on experience and business practise with global travel consumers. Cutting all the data and telling the travel industry what they’re really thinking.

  • Ideas of what platforms to use to transport your message
  • Be consistent in your marketing messages in a contant flow
  • Includes Q&A from travel professionals

Duration approx 60 Minutes / Registration required.

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Traveler Sentiment in the age of Covid-19

Another highlight of our series webinars in travel & tourism! Phocuswright surveyed travelers from the U.S., the U.K., France and Germany to understand traveler sentiment during the coronavirus pandemic and early indicators on travel intent post-pandemic. The survey included questions about how travelers’ plans have been impacted, their satisfaction with companies when changing their travel plans, considerations for future travel, and more.

On April 23, Phocuswright presented the full findings and insights into the implications for the global travel industry.

In the video presentation above, you will:

  • Understand how travel plans changed in response to COVID-19
  • Discover why travelers made the changes
  • Know the outlook and optimism travelers have for recovery
  • See the confidence travelers have in their government’s travel restrictions
  • and more

Duration approx 30 Minutes / Registration required

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The African Tourism Approach to Covid-19

top webinars travel tourism

Watch the recording of this great virtual conference which was held cross-borders.
Hear about the interesting findings what the Corona Virus could mean for the tourism industry after the crises. From “Find the correct reset button” to ” Thinking about the roots of tourism where we came from”. And why we should stress more on sustainability vs. “profit first” thinking. This is in particular an imperative following the principle of including the local communities in sustainable tourism activities. Believe it or not: the world of travel and tourism will not be the same in post-Corona times.

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Duration approx 1 hour / No registration required.

How to make the social Bank- about better “sales pitching”
(by Lately)

An entertaining interview between Kate Bradley Chernis of Lately and Barbara Giamanco.
Raising interesting points of  “DOS and DON`TS” in the initial sales process. Great to recall for sales pros. And also great to learn for the less “hardcore trained” saleswomen and guys. What works and what you better don´t do in your sales approach to (new) customers. Being it on social media, using emails or over the phone.

Barbara Giamanco is a women in sales advocate/badass, helping companies attract more women in their sales ranks and advancing them into leadership roles. She’s also host of the podcast Conversations with Women in Sales – the only podcast dedicated to women in selling – and author of The New Handshake, the FIRST book written about social selling. Barbara is known globally as a top influential leader, speaker, blogger and expert in sales, leadership, social/digital selling and marketing and business by Top Sales World, LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Some Topics of this webinar:

  • Get your introduction right
  • Use personalisation of messages the intelligent way
  • How to connect clever on LinkedIn

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Duration approx 35 Min. No registration required.

Travel Trends 2020 (by Phocus Wire)

This webinar provides you valuable insights about the latest travel trends for 2020. Although this was created before Corona – the travel technology aspects are still valid. Take a look at the technology standpoint, sponsored by Travelport. However, travel technology is gaining ground in the overall travel business. Hence, it is vital that you stay uptodate in this segment in order to explore where you with your business could make use of it. We, at the Travel Advisers Community, are ready to accompany you on the way. Check out our Advisory Board Service.  

Some Topics of this webinar:

  • Online, Mobile, Consumer Travel
  • Where Apps are used in the travel process
  • The rise of Machine Learning
  • Search by Voice
  • How does customer acquisition looks like in 2020?

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Duration approx 50 Min. Registration is required or use

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