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Top Webinars Trave & Tourism
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We are pleased to present you our staff picked top webinars in travel and tourism. Our Webinars in Travel & Tourism are one of the best ways how you could learn online. Especially in travel and tourism. As a result you decide when and where to watch. You could use your PC or a mobile device. Hence, whenever your times allows, you could update your knowledge. Find our assorted webinars below.

Webinars Travel and Tourism by Phocus Wire

The role of social media content across the travel buyer journey

Your visitors love sharing their experiences on social media. The visuals
they share are the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. In other words you could turn this habit into your advantage. Above all, in the webinar you could learn how to make the most out of this user generated content!

  • Curate the best user generated content (UGC) from across social media platforms
  • Encourage your visitors to share more UGC
  • Get the rights to that content so you can use it across your marketing channels
  • Use UGC to drive bookings
  • Combat overtourism with the help of UGC

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Consideration Phase: Travel’s Untapped Opportunity

Shopping and booking may grab the attention of most marketers. But consumer travel planning is about much, much more. Your clients are involved in many early decisions like considering what kind of trip it will be, who’s going, and what the destination is. All of these early deliberations shape the future trip. From budget to trip length to how much time travelers spend planning their vacation.

This webinar was first published in 2017. You may judge what did change since then and what not. We just like to surprise you.

Webinar topics include:

  • Factors that motivate travelers to take a trip
  • How early trip decisions affect travel planning
  • Length of travel planning process

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