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A Heads – up call for Travel technology

To stay uptodate in Travel technology is vital in our days! It is our believe, that the intelligent use of travel technology is vital for the today’s business success in travel and tourism. As such we are delighted to team up with the highly recognised travel technology initiative (TTI), London. We look at TTI as the competent source to keep you  informed about important industry changes and deveoplments in this field.

The Travel Industry is changing rapidly and does travel technology. New applications are flooding the market. New back office systems, CRM programs etc. are introduced. Artificial intelligence, the use of Bots in the client contact and last but not least Blockchain technology are being discussed.

Still, the travel business is a business where human beings receive consultancy and advice by travel advisers in first place on a world wide scale. But you, as a proprietor or manager of a travel / tourism company need to be at least in a very good observer status. Keep up with the new developments in travel technology. In order to make the right decision when the time of change arrives also at your company.

Is it time to employ a Chief Technology Officer, even if you are running a smaller company? Well, not necessarily as we at Tracommy are giving you the chance to keep up2date with the various developments. Plus a sound service offer:

Tracommy – solutions to the “Tech Challenge” in Travel and Tourism

Hence it goes without saying that registered Tracommy members enjoy a special rate for all advisory boad services. Likewise a discount of TTI seminar  / event fees! Get listed today!

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