Privacy Policy

How we protect your data – our privacy policy.

How we, at the travel advisers community (, handle and protect your personal data.

I. The protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to us.

Personal data means all data you are going to provide about your person and profession, company while using our website services.

II. Data capturing

Tracommy collects, processes and uses your personal data (those data provided by you as a user) in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany and those of the European Union.

III. Protection of your personal data

Tracommy uses your personal data only for the purpose of service you have registered as a member.

IV. Your personal data in our administration process

Tracommy will never share your personal data with any third party, especially neither for advertising nor for address selling purposes. The only exception of this rule may be the use of third party administrators, who might be contracted by Tracommy to operate certain services for and on behalf of the community. Those third party administrators will be carefully selected by Tracommy and must operate under the same standard of data protection as described in this document.

V. Privacy as registered member

Persons not registered and also registered members with Tracommy cannot view any personal data of fellow members. That’s why we use a SSL coded mail-registration form instead of any automated online registration form with respective online listing (online community listing tool).

Any message exchange between members (e.g. working together on projects or to exchange business contact) is on voluntary basis and needs to be agreed upon in anticipation by the respective member.

VI. Personal data we need from you

During the registration process for a membership you are required to pass on to us the following data:

1. Complete name

2. Residence (home / invoice address) and country of residence

3. Your valid email address

4. Name of the company you are working with

5. Your position at this company

6. City/ place of your company

7. Your company‘s website

This data are required due to the professional approach of our project and to protect us
against SPAM and Malware.

VII. Cookies and Log Files Content

We use „cookies“ to identify you as a user when you visit / revisit our website.

There are also cookies placed on your computer by the provider of news in our news section in accordance to the headline you are choosing to read from the given listing.

Log Files Content

Each time you access Tracommy‘s website, we shall capture the following data:

1. Your IP address (an IP address identifies a computer where any data is sent from)
2. The name and IP address of the computer requesting the respective page from the Tracommy websites.
3. The Internet website from which you have reached the requested page of the Tracommy Website.
4. The product and release information from your internet browser.

VIII. Legal age

All users of the Tracommy website should be of legal age in their country of residence.

We do provide a secured SSL website service. Our website is especially protected against “hacks” by our internet service provider (Strato AG, Berlin, Germany).

Tracommy Privacy Policy / Version 1.0. / 22th of January 2017