Interview John Galbraith Tripsi Grouptravel

In the format named “3 Questions to ..” Interview with John Galbraith Tripsi Grouptravel
we deliver insights on how the new platform for international group travel developed and about one of the key persons behind this remarkable project.

3 questions to John Galbraith,
Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement at

Question 1

What brought you to the travel industry?

Interview John Galbraith Tripsi GrouptravelYears ago, I used to be an Educational Tour Consultant and sold school trips to Canadian schools so students could see our Nation’s capital or learn about origins of our country. I quickly realized the profound effect travel has on us all and always had the most wonderful interactions with travel professionals – to me it’s the most desirable industry on the planet.

As an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, I have always been baffled by the technological void facing folks traveling in groups larger than 9 people and the amount of manual work put on the trip organizer, and operator. From the very beginning stages planning a group trip is a monumental task. I knew there had to be a better way and, if done right, the better way can add a great deal of value and efficiency to all group travel stakeholders.

Question 2

What exactely is Tripsi?

Tripsi started with a simple question – why, as a Group Travel Organizer, is there no website where I can source quotes from a variety of travel providers? If I am traveling with my family, there are an endless number of websites I can visit and be comparing prices in minutes, but once I’m considered a ‘group’, all ease and convenience disappears. Group specific operators are hard to find, you often need to contact them by phone, and comparing their quotes can be a nightmare for the more discerning group organizer. This is all before we’ve even booked and have to deal with money collection, traveler information gathering, and all the other details that take up so much time and effort for the group organizer.

Tripsi is a marketplace designed to manage the entire group travel experience from start to finish – not just from the time of booking, but right when you have the idea to travel. We allow destinations and operators to post beautiful experiences (packages) to our marketplace designed to inspire organizers. Organizers can browse experiences and when they find something they like can; add their dates, gateway and group size and Tripsi will send the request out to our network of operators for quotes. Within 24-48 hours the organizer will have quotes to review. They can then book their desired experience and Tripsi will then provide them with a beautiful website to promote to their group and easily gather traveler payments and information, all which flows seamlessly to the travel provider.

For group travel providers, Tripsi also offers easy to use software to interact with their own website and manage their own book of business. We’ve leveled the playing field so now small/medium operators can compete with the big guys and offer an end-to-end experience like never before.

Question 3

Why did you join Tracommy?

One word, community. Part of starting a business is developing a culture, and at Tripsi we are dedicated to having a positive impact on our local community, experience partners, and travel industry. If we aren’t being positively benefiting our partners and adding value to our clients, we’ve failed. Joining Tracommy is a great way for us to network within the community and foster positive, long term relationships. We’re proud members and encourage interaction with members and non members alike. Thank you Michael.

Interview John Galbraith Tripsi Grouptravel was taken in December 2017.
Meanwhile the platform has set ist focus on school travel and colaborates
successfully with major Canadian schoolboards.  Go to website (Ed. FEB 2019)