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Welcome to our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Here you should find the answers to our most FAQ frequently asked questions. About the Travel Advisers Community.

For anything you have a question for, but don't find the topic here. Just contact us.
We shall be pleased to hear from you!


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Who could join the Travel Advisers Community?

We welcome you as a member if you are working in the management level in travel/tourism. From Department head to Proprietor.

Is the membership by person or company?

Your Membership is by person, since we aim to build a network of persons and not of companies. Latter is already existing in quite a few associations.

Is the Travel Advisers Community part of a travel/tourism entity?

No.The Travel Advisers Community is a private initiative by its founder Michael Gebhardt. We are independent and not part of any advertising or travel/tourism brand or service company. That makes us different from other existing communities.

Why is there a membership fee?

The membership fee contributes to our operational costs like website and communication. It is also meant to contribute to our travel cost in order to visit trade fairs and to attend industry events. Where we generate nd maintain contacts to your benefit. At such events we raise regularly the voice of the travel advisers in general to make a point for just booking only with multinationals.

How is the communication within the community organized?

The communication is channeled via our central service desk in Germany. Just raise your question. The same goes for any request for a business contact, possible business partner etc. We shall sort out what you might need and offer you a respective solution. This has been proven to be more efficient than maintaining a forum on our website. If we need any clarification concerning your subject, we shall contact you and discuss your topic via video chat, WhatsApp, over the phone. Whatever is more convenient to you.

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