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Welcome to our section Recommended Events, Conferences Travel & Tourism. As your community we like to keep you up to date. This goes also in the field of events and conferences we find interesting for travel advisers. At least be informed on a global perspective. This section is constantly updated. So please visit this site again to learn more about Conferences in Travel and Tourism.

We proudly announce our partnership with EyeforTravel for their prestigious event being held in Chicaco, October 28-29.

Building a loyal customer base is a big issue in travel and hospitality in these days.

Every travel company wants satisfied, loyal and returning customer. Faced, however, with growing choice about who to fly, to drive and to stay with the today’s traveler is ever harder to please. As a result the key questions are how to keep the existing customers loyal, and secondly, how to acquire and retain new customers.

Conferences in Travel and Tourism
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3 Takeaways

  • Brands must address loyalty throughout the customer journey, by building partnerships with all kind of businesses to offer quicker gratification with smaller rewards
  • Reward points are not dead, but brands must go further to offer an element of surprise, such as allowing hotel loyalty points to be redeemed for gas and shopping.
  • Smaller travel businesses could play loyalty perfect in their local area. Just create partnerships with local businesses.

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