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Email Marketing support travel
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Introducing our Email Marketing support in travel. At Tracommy we always are looking for ways to support our colleagues´ business. That’s why we are offering Email Marketing support in travel. In particular this service is directed to small and midsize travel businesses. Email Marketing is still an excellent tool to pass your product message to your customers. Especially if it is done correctly. Which means that the following criterias are fullfilled as a general rule:

  • Modern and responsive templates are used
  • Mail could be read in the inbox as well as in an Web-Browser
  • Messages are personalized with the name of the recipient
  • Mails are sent out at the right time – when users are most possibly ready to open the mail
  • Emails are not overloaded with information
  • The content is interesting – which might cause to split your data base by interests of the users
  • Text is enriched by images
  • Content should not only consist of travel offers

As you see there are quite a few factors to be kept in mind. And a lot of other tasks is covering yours and your’s team working day. That is why we created our EMail Marketing support in travel.

Check the overview of our EMail Marketing support in travel

Email marketing support travel
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The days of just sending out an email are over

To compete with the big players use the same level of professionality. This is key today to achieve the desired success. A professional EMail Marketing is part of the game.

Exiting low rates for members

Our EMail marketing support travel is offered to our members at exiting low rates. As such we are offering the Template creation at 50,00 USD ( 3 templates in your corporate design for travel offers, post-trip welcome back greetings and birthday greetings) as one time cost. Sending out your campaign costs 48,00 USD per campaign (500 addresses). This includes arranging of the data base and spam test. Latter prevents that your mails are falling under “spam” at the recipient’s in box.

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