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In the format named “3 Questions to ..” we deliver insights of what the community management at Tracommy is doing, what are the actual challenges (and recipes to overcome that) and in addition hints and tips we like to highlight to our community members.

3 questions to Michael – founder / head of community management

Question 1

What is the community management of Tracommy busy with at present?

Community management at tracommyWe are now at the stage to convert our fantastic followers we have in twitter to regular members. This goes hand in hand with our process to commercialize the service offers of the specialists we gather in our community. When I say commercialize I mean the area of promotion as well as to identify appropriate sales channels. In both areas Tracommy – the travel advisers community – is a powerful tool due to our connections in the international tourism scene.

Paralell we are going to expand our network within the area of Iberoamerica. As such we attended successful the FIT International Travel Fare in Buenos Aires earlier this month and shall also participate in FITUR Madrid in January 2018.

Question 2

What are the actual challenges in the processes described before?

Well, it is certainly challenging in the international environment over far distance to identify and get in touch with the decision makers at targeted entities we like to have as members and where we see potential to be of assistance. There are quite a few communities and associations in tourism available. The active members of our industry are having already memberships or are engaged in other communities. However, we are running a different scheme:

First –
we are neutral and not a part of a special brand or product.
– we connect to new business partners crossing continents and open new business opportunities through our network.
– we offer a special consultant service at moderate rates through our Advisory Board. This includes marketing, social media and travel technology to start with.

Question 3

What are your tips for midsize and privately owned travel agencies and tour operators and DMC concerning the actual international touristic scene?

Be aware of what is happening and how international booking platforms and touristic entities are reaching out for your business. Time to lean back is definitely over. You need to be forward thinking, innovative while adding more sales columns and sales channels to your business. And you also need to keep yourself technically up to date!

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Taken: November 2017