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Chief Strategy Officer Recruitment, Digital Marketing and Alliance Program at Manhattan Group

Question 1

How important is social media for you in recruitment? 

Axel Koster Interview Hospitality RecruitmentSocial media is a crucial tool not just for recruitment, but certainly for every business in the modern day. In all cases, SM is a tool and watchful aspect for branding, marketing and also sales – every business would like to be ahead of competitors in their own field.
Campaigns on sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or FB will increase awareness of your brand & services & combined with a strategic approach to your followers can highly increase sales and business channels.
We do advertise open positions on international & local job boards but also use YouTube to post a simple video message which then gets distributed to several SM platforms.
For any companies or individuals who are missing out on S&M or branding prospects, I highly suggest engaging a SM mentor to your business who can clearly display a history of achievements.

Question 2

Would you recommend to young professionals to enter the hospitality industry as a promising career.

My answer is a full-hearted Yes. As long one is aware that they are very often subject to long working hours and involved with frequent travel which would not be limited to travel within the country but also from continent to continent. The hospitality industry is known for its diversity which offers endless exciting opportunities for individuals who like to travel a great way to experience different cultures and people. There are many different fields in the hospitality industry and it is important that you narrow your ambitions in the beginning to ensure a clear career path ahead.

Question 3

how great are the chances for somebody coming from the travel industry to be accepted in the hospitality sector?

The travel industry is often seen as a different part to the hospitality industry and therefore seen as a challenge for people to move. Sales & marketing professional are the exception to the rule and the market segments are often in alliance with the hotel or resort requirements.

Axel Koster Interview hospitality recruitment was taken in December 2017

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