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About us at Tracommy

Exchange of knowledge and cultural habits with an MBA class at the Kerala Institute of Travel & Touism, India.

Networking for travel and tourism professionals

Social network and B2B platform

Tracommy networking for travel and tourism professionals supports in particular smaller and midsize travel agencies, incoming tour operators (DMCs), hotels, resorts and service companies. Managed by their proprietor. With us you could achieve new business opportunities out of our network. Read what we call successful networking for travel and tourism professionals!

Social network

We take you with us in our social media channels via twitter and instagram. We promote your services on our website, mention you in our news service “Tourism Radar”, Linkedin and Google +. Like that you enhance your visibiltiy in the internet in general as we strenghten your website and social media profiles. Achieve more attention and receive more clients!

Check our contacts and discover new potential business partners with unique travel and service offers. Get new ideas for your travel offers and be prepared to make new friends!

Truly global – check the overview of our international network

B2B Platform

Travel agents

Why not doing your own outbound group business to improve your revenue? Make yourself different from the crowd and do not only sell pre-packed arrangements from dominent market players. We get you on the group travel platform of tripsi to help you selling your group arrangement over the net to international markets.

You are certainly a specialist knowing your area – why not adding some incoming services to your business? With us you might find the appropriate partners. Place your offer or request in our new section Tracommy Marketplace. Send us a message through our contact form or email to service@tracommy.com .

Incoming / Destination Management

Why not adding a second leg to your service portfolio and do start some outbound services. With us you might find the appropriate partners. Place your offer or request in our new section Tracommy Marketplace through our contact form or email to service@tracommy.com

Private owned hotels / lodges

You don’t like to connect to international tour operators to generate¬† a better margin. On the other side, you even don’t get an answer when applying for your property to be part of tour operators programmes? Let’s work together to get you your market share. Send us a message through our contact form or email to service@tracommy.com .

Travel bloggers / travel writers

We welcome also Travel Blogger / Travel writers. Why?  Because we love to cooperate and to create synergies. As such we display, share and exchange interesting blogs and articles on our website and through our social media channels and include you in our service offer where appropriate. Check out our Tracommy tourism marketing promotion service directed to touristic entities.

Outperform your competitors with us

Make use of the Marketing, socialmedia biz and IT- technology power of our Tracommy Advisory Board experts!

You feel your business is shrinking caused by global companies, internet booking platforms or/and the sharing economy who discovered tourism as their playground ?

It is vital to establish a solid market base as a specialist in order to stay in business. You could be as good as you like in these days. Without a strong market communication and a solid social media presence your targeted audience (end-consumers or agents) won’t even know that you or your company exists.

Apart from our community’s network, Tracommy has established links to travel trade associations, organisations, touristic institutes and universities where we pave the way for our members to enhance their knowledge, engagement and network within the international tourism industry.


IMG_tracommy Twitter network overview
Tracommy Twitter Network. Numbers are percentage of followers. ©tracommy.com via Tweepmaps

Read some examples:
Since 2011 we teamed up with the UNWTO Ethics Department and are part of the UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection. The UNWTO Silk Road Programme is a collaborative initiative designed to enhance sustainable tourism development along the historic Silk Road route, where we also are engaged.
Over the last years we supported the Kerala Homestay Association in the German market and are connected to the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS), a vibrant study centre to kick start your booming voyage to a global career.

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