About the Project

Tracommy – About the project

Michael, Founder and Managing Director at Tracommy: Since more than 30 years I joined the fascinating world of Travel and Tourism, starting as a travel agent in Germany.

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It was back in the 1980’s when I founded the first professional community of travel agents in Germany “Arbeitskreis Aktiver Counter”. This community was active for over 20 years and quite successful in taking care of travel agents counter clerks and middle management interests based on personal memberships.

Tracommy – about the project

Read Tracommy as – my travel advisers community. I look at the independent smaller travel agencies, DMCs and service companies, managed by their proprietor still as being the backbone of the today’s tourism industry. Fantastic people with a great focus on personal service along with a sound knowledge of what they are doing. That’s why I thought about an international community where people could enhance their own personal network, make new friends and could grab business ideas from abroad to implement them in their home market – to be even more successful in business.

Besides business models are changing rapidly and travel technology (IT applications and mechanism) are more and more dominating our business environment. I am convinced that a good way out for midsize and smaller travel entities especially outside Europe is networking and collaboration with others in order to stay in business. Not leaving the market to the Booking.coms and AirBnBs of today. Things are getting more and more comprehensive and challenging, so it might be wise to get some good support from colleagues who are in the same situation.

The Travel Advisers Community is a call to engage yourself and to participate – to your benefit!

That’s why at Tracommy you will also find our “Advisory board service”.  Our advisory board offers you as a member the opportunity to receive a sound business consultancy and promotional service at special rates. Members of the advisory board are also members of our community and have special expertise in their field of business. Services of our advisory board are also offered to third parties like tourism offices or touristic companies.
Hey, perhaps you also have special expertise in a certain type of business segment? Then let us know during your registration process.

The next milestone of  the Travel Advisers Community will be the placement of travel offers to end consumers. Something I already tested successfully in the German market.

About myself:

On my way, I worked in various management positions in the travel industry. Incoming / Outgoing, Incentive Travel, Airline Representative, Representative and Consultant of touristic enterprises for the German market, Director of Tourism of a Spa Town in Germany, just to name some stations of my career. On an honorary basis I worked also with Travel and Trade associations as board member.

I am alumni of the Bournemouth University and the University of Southern Queensland / Australia where I took far distance MBA courses in international tourism management and information technology. Soon I specialized myself in marketing and communications working for blue chip enterprises as well as for smaller entities outside the tourism industry where I was in charge of their touristic market segments.

During my career I had the opportunity to work in places like Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hongkong, New York. “By incident” I am also guest lecturer at the Kerala Institue for Travel and Tourism (India). Of course, traveling is my passion until today. I love “the tropics”, sandy beaches, water sports, world music and to meet people of foreign cultures.

At present I am working at a greater media group in Germany where I am responsible for touristic advertisement and readers’ travel. So, Tracommy is “not yet” my main profession.

I am looking forward to your comments, hints for improvement and to welcoming you as an active members of Tracommy. Let’s go ahead – together!