3 reasons to book tailor made tours

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3 reasons to book tailor made tours :

  • it’s not more expensive compared to pre – packed travel arrangements
  • tailor made itineraries meet your personal interest to 100%
  • flexible since available to individuals, couples and groups

Why to book tailor made tours instead of a pre – packed travel arrangement? Consumers often look at tailor made tours as something more expensive compared to pre -packed offers. They often miss the opportunity to materialize their travel wishes perfectly in that way.

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Tailor made tours make the best out of your holiday

Professional travel advisers are prepared to materialize your special wishes. They know how to ask a local tour operator to set up an individual tour itinerary. So we recommend to consult your local travel adviser for an individual offer. Even more you may take a package you did find in the net or in a travel brochure and add some individual wishes. In other words to add some tour ideas you did miss in the package.

Tailor made tours are also available for individuals

You don’t need to travel in a group but you could also have arranged a tailor made tour up from one or two person. It is interesting to know, that you not necessarily would have to pay more compared to a pre – packed travel arrangement. Since, for example you might leave out items in the pre -packed arrangement you do not fancy. Like that you could – for example -concentrate on what are your most important things you like to see or visit during your trip.

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